Wanna join us?  Here’s how…

Each applicant must complete a membership application and mail it to the address found on the Membership Application Instructions.  It 430_large_imageis the responsibility of each member to understand our club rules as violations of club rules can result in membership cancellation.  Each member will also be asked to work trail and help run the annual C.C.E. Enduro and Turkey XCD races which are held each year.  Included is a copy of the liability release form which must be completed for each family member regardless of age prior to membership activation. The PEA reserves the right to reject any applicant based on the judgment of the membership committee and/or board of directors. We encourage you to read and review the club bylaws. This document is the foundation of the club and represents the core of how we operate the business side of the club. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact any of our board members on the Contacts page.  You can download the membership application and view the club rules and bylaws using the links below:

Please click on the links below for the Application Instructions, Application and Insurance Form.  YOU MUST COMPLETE A SEPARATE INSURANCE FORM FOR EACH FAMILY MEMBER REGARDLESS OF AGE.  You can download the insurance forms and application using the links below:

PEA Membership Application Instructions

PEA Application

PEA Insurance Form (A separate form MUST be completed for each family member regardless of age)

PEA Club Rules

PEA Bylaws

Proposed Changes To Bylaws (changes are in Red)