Post Enduro Association (PEA)

Any violation of a club rule is grounds for membership termination


Camp Rules

  • Noise Curfew is 10:00 PM. This includes any and all type of noises including but not limited to generators, voices, motorized vehicles, dogs barking, etc. The intent is to respect those trying to sleep or enjoy a peaceful evening.
  • Helmets must be worn while riding motorcycles or 4 wheelers.
  • Sign in when arriving. This helps us know who is out on the ranch in case of an emergency. It will also help you to determine if you’re the only one in camp so that you can lock the gate and turn off the water well.
  • 5 MPH speed limit in camp at all times, watch for kids
  • Camp roads are not a general riding area, they should only be used to get from one point to another
  • If you are the last to leave, make sure the water well is turned off and the gate is locked.
  • Never ever leave any trash of any kind anywhere.
  • Installed water lines must be 18 in. deep and terminate with a freeze less faucet at a power pole
  • Installing an electric drop and meter is your responsibility. Contact Lighthouse electric at (806)983-2814
  • Keep your camp site clean of trash and unsightly items.
  • DEAD firewood can be collect anywhere from Dee Whittingtons property. No cutting of green trees unless explicitly approved by Dee.
  • Do not ride motorized vehicles on the state trail way system
  • Do not take firewood from South of the County road



General Rules

(These apply to all property currently being leased by PEA)


  • No riding on Ranch during Mule Deer Season. It is your responsibility to be aware of the dates. You can access our camp area during this short 3 week season.
  • Be responsible by always maintaining a safe and controllable speed on all roads .
  • No racing 4 wheelers allowed
  • No discharging of firearms by any club member on any property leased by PEA
  • 4 wheelers restricted to river bottoms and ranch roads
  • Check by laws for PEAs current guest and membership policies.
  • Always leave a gate the way you found it. Never run over a stretch gate with your vehicle
  • Do not chase livestock
  • No Hunting
  • Never ever leave any trash of any kind anywhere
  • Do not remove any item, no matter its apparent value from the landowners property without explicit and exclusive permission from the landowner.
  • Make sure you know the clubs riding boundaries. Ask someone if you are not sure


Ranch Rules

  • Dee Whittington property (2,000 acres)
    • The waterfall area is closed to all PEA members. Members can not access the waterfall look out point, surrounding area or actual waterfall. It is the responsibility of each club member to know where this area is located.
    • Helmets must be worn while riding motorcycles or 4-wheelers.
    • Guests are allowed
    • 4 wheelers and motorcycles are allowed
    • Do not cut through plowed fields
    • No campfires outside of designated camp location
    • Automobiles are allowed on the ranch roads only


  • Burson Ranch (3,500 acres North Northwest of hi-way 256)
    • No 4 wheelers
    • No Guests allowed except for Enduro weekend
    • No campfires
    • Do not drive automobiles on the ranch, but you can park inside the gate and unload.


  • Evans Ranch (9,500 acres between hi-way 256 and hi-way 70)
    • NO GUESTS allowed except for Enduro weekend
    • 4 wheelers are allowed
    • Must have your permission card on you at all times
    • No campfires
    • Do not drive automobiles on the ranch, but you can park inside the gate and unload.