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Post Enduro Association (PEA) is a family oriented non profit off-road motorcycle and ATV club. We lease approximately 15,000 acres of property around the Quitaque community for the purpose of riding and camping. We also promote and encourage the sport of off-road motorcycling riding through the growth of membership in addition to conducting an annual enduro and grand prix event sanctioned by TSCEC, RMEC and HPCGP. You may have heard of it, itst's called the Caprock Canyon Enduro and Grand Prix.

Memberships and our events provide the funds necessary to lease the land we access throughout the year. We also provide a camping area whereby RV's can remain on site year round. if necessary, electricity and water are available within our designated camping area. 

The city of Quitaque, Texas is a loyal and dear friend to the PEA. They help us in countless ways by supporting our competitive events and helping resolve logistic issues. Not to mention they have a restaurant, grocery store, hardware store, churches, gasoline, propane, etc. Best of all, they're located within 5 miles of our camp.

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